Meet Our XXX Sauces
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Native Treasures XXX Pepper Sauces

Purchase our selection of Extra Hot Pepper Sauces here. They were formulated especially for people like you who love Pepper Sauce and are looking for something a bit different, some zing to your tastebuds.

At Native Treasures, we have been making pepper sauce for over 30 years. Many of these are sold to visitors to Barbados where we  are located but just as many have been sold to satisfied customers who purchase tour pepper sauces online.

Our new line of XXX Pepper Sauces are formulated to give your palate the thrill that it craves. 
We don't boast of having the hottest but we can tell you that our XXX pepper sauces balance heat with flavour, so you are not going to be left with a palate of burnt tastebuds, you are actually going to want more.

They can be used as condiments, adding much needed zest to the blandest meal, or you can use them as cooking sauces to add that great taste to your creations. I am sure that you will love them and the new sensations that they provide.

The XXX sauces are sold in packs of three for $45.00 which include shipping..
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